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Physiological effects of yoga asanas and pranayama on metabolic parameters, maternal, and fetal outcome in gestational diabetes.


Background: Gestational diabetes affects the health of the women,

the fetus, and even after birth, the baby or child. Studies related to

the assessment of the effects of yoga and pranayama on metabolic

param

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'Goat yoga' is a thing - and hundreds are lining up for it

The classes are held at Morse's scenic Oregon farm, where the goats have open access to the heart alchemy yoga guests during their practice. Snuggles are not read more...

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How to avoid bacteria at the gym

We go to the gym to get strong and healthy, so the gym is the last place we would think would be a threat to our well-being, but research shows that workout facilities can be a breeding ground for illnesses ranging from colds and viruses to bacter read more...

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Meditation and alcohol use. - Free Online Library

A model of alcohol use that has been supported by a substantial

body of research is the self-medication hypothesis. (1) Based on this

hypothesis, alcohol use often arises as a means of coping with or

medicating other psychiatr

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FITNESS Magazine's Favorite Workout Blogs

Fit Mom's Blog

Rachel is a marathon runner, biker, and mom of two boys. Read on for tips from an athlete and a mom in a fit family.

Read Fit Mom's Blog


With posts about workout strategies, motivational qu

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Effects Of Meditation On The Body's Hormones

The human body is an extremely efficient machine. It is fueled by various substances, and is allowed to operate by means of complex systems aimed at specific purposes. The body has the ability to grow, repair damages, defend itself from possible i read more...

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Yoga and Learning Disabilities by Jennifer Marie Jordan

Learning disabilities are a common cause of frustration for children and adults. It is estimated that as high as 15 percent of Americans have some sort of learning disability. By definition, they are defined as the psychological or neurological co read more...